Brushed Nickel Switch Plates Are An Easy Decor Update

Published: 11th April 2011
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For consumers who want to add style to their homes without undergoing major renovations, it can be the small details that make the biggest difference. Brushed nickel switch plates are an easy way to add a modern design aesthetic to any space.

Brushed nickel is the most popular finish today for appliances, ranging from refrigerators in the kitchen to elegant light fixtures for the dining room. For the consumer who is trying to update his kitchen, while purchasing kitchen appliances with this finish is expensive, adding a modern glow to the kitchen or any other room in the house with brushed nickel switch covers is inexpensive. Brushed nickel plate covers are easy to install, and are available in many different variations.

This means that all of the homeowner's light switches, whether they are single switches or complicated dual dimmer switches, can match for an elegant look. Brushed nickel plates are available for many different specialty switches. The consumer should check whether they need a rocker style or perhaps a toggle switch brushed nickel wall plate before purchasing the new plate covers. This will ensure that the homeowner has the right brushed nickel covers for their home. The consumer's home will look great, and their light switches will still be easy to use, regardless of what style they are.

Homeowners can match their brand new plates to coordinating covers for electrical outlets, phone jacks, data outlets, and anything else that they would normally cover with a plate. This way they remain safe, as an uncovered electrical outlet, or even cable jack, can be unsafe, and they have coordinated the various outlets and jacks for a streamlined appearance that adds to the overall beauty of the home.

What about consumers who have an electrical outlet that is "dead" for some reason, and want to keep it that way? Perhaps the individual moved into a home that was rewired for cable, and now he or she has extra cable jacks that are no longer functional. Having these jacks and outlets that are not useful, but look as if they are, can be confusing and inconvenient. They also are unsightly. It is expensive, however, to take out an electrical outlet or phone jack that no longer is in use and fill in the hole in the wall, since doing so requires someone handy to buy drywall and install it, and then paint the wall. Use a blank brushed nickel plate to smoothly cover up the defunct outlet without doing major renovations.

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