Christian Ministries Help Poor Children

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Published: 20th January 2011
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Several Christian ministries all throughout the world help poor children. Whether they are in third world countries or right here in the United States, there are millions of poor children that go without food, water, clothes, and many other basic necessities that most of us take for granted. Many people see fit to donate toys, clothes, and money to charities during the holiday season. Although this is a great start, toys are not the only thing that they need the rest of the year as well. Many people fail to realize that their small donation once a year does not help the them during the rest of the year. Here are some things that can be done to help Christian ministries help poor children all year long.

Give Time-
Whether traveling to a third world country like Ethiopia or Istanbul with a Christian ministry to help the poor, donating much needed time is one of the most precious gifts that anyone can give. There are never enough people that can help build homes, schools, cook, bring fresh water or even hold a hand when someone is sick. Although many may not think that giving their time will help the poor, they would be wrong. Cooking a meal for poor children or even reading a story to a child is very important.

Adopt a Child-
This is not adoption in the literal sense. Many Christian ministries have programs that people can donate money to each month to help a specific child. They are given regular updates of how the child is doing, what their contribution has done for the child during that month. Many of these programs will often give the adopter the opportunity to meet the child they "adopted".

Many Christian ministries and churches accept hand-me-down clothing that children can no longer wear. Giving these outgrown clothes to a church or ministry instead of places like thrift stores where they will be resold at a price to anyone can help immensely. Many poor children do not have clothes that fit them or even warm clothing to wear during the appropriate time of the year.

Poor children need things too. This is why donating items such as extra food, toys, clothes and anything else that may be lying around are important items to give away instead of selling or taking to a second hand store that will sell the items for a profit. A church or Christian ministry will give them away to someone that needs them at no cost to help them in any way they can. However, this cannot be done without donations, money and time.

The author is a freelance journalist who actively supports poor children in their ongoing efforts to save children from poverty around the world. She also sponsors a child.

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