Four Post Auto Lift and their Advantages

Published: 18th October 2011
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There are many advantages of having a four post car lift. These are essential for any professional repair shop, and a noticeable help for any amateur mechanic. Car owners thinking about getting more serious about auto repair may want to consider getting a car lift in order to make any mechanic's life easier. Of course, if someone is opening an auto repair shop, this is one piece of shop equipment that will make repairs more accessible and faster to accomplish.

Dropping the transmission out of a car without a four post car lift can be a real challenge. For any amateur mechanic that wants to take on a big job, such as replacing a clutch, getting a car lift can be a practical investment. The alternative to using a car lift is using an old-fashioned car jack and jack stands. This can be very tedious and can even be dangerous if one is not especially careful when doing this. This is another reason why it is a practical idea to get a four post car lift.

There are a few options for getting four post auto lifts for sale. Depending on the amount of use that a lift is going to get one can weigh the options between a new and used one. Used ones are generally cheaper, but donít have nearly the lifespan of their new equivalents. An especially important consideration to make is the warranty included with a new four post model. New ones are generally guaranteed for quite a while, and a practical idea for auto shops. This is because they can undergo a lot of wear and tear in a professional shop.

Trying to find the right one for a shop can be a confusing decision to make. There are a countless number of different makes and models and narrowing down the decision can be hard to do. The general idea is that a mechanic should get a lift that can handle more than the total weight load needed for it to handle. This is a good idea because automobiles vary in weight quite a bit. If a mechanic buys a piece of equipment that can barely handle a small sedan, then it definitely wonít be able to handle a full size truck upon it. Remember that most four post car lifts are rated for much more than the average car. To play it safe, any car owner or mechanic can generally find the weight of any car on the carís title or the sticker inside of the vehicleís driver door.

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