Keeping Your Recycling Bins Out Of Sight But Still Close At Hand

Published: 03rd October 2011
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Convenience is so important when it comes to recycling. Many people who are reluctant to participate often say that it is inconvenient to handle sorting and disposing of recyclable material, especially when they have to walk out to the garage or outside in order to get to their bins. In addition, keeping recycling containers next to normal waste baskets inside the home is problematic for many people who don't have the extra space or don't want to include recycling containers as part of their home decorating style.

There are many ways to keep your recycling bins close at hand for convenient use without taking up needed space or being an eyesore. Here are a few tips and tricks on how to hide them.

Hiding Your Recycling Containers While Keeping Them Close At Hand

There are a number of techniques that people use to hide their regular wastebaskets in the kitchen or around the home; these work for recycling bins as well. In particular, you can put the containers underneath a cabinet in the kitchen or bathroom, but there are better solutions than that.

Use a bin with a clip on attachment and clip it to the inside of a cabinet door. Then you can just swing out the bin and dispose of recyclables in there. However, you only want to use this setup for lighter items, like empty plastic bottles, so you don't damage the door. You can also use the same clip on container and attach it to your regular waste bin in order to save space. This makes instant sorting easier as well.

Install a sliding platform underneath a cabinet and place recycling bins there. You can pull out the container for quick and easy access and the platform allows you to even throw away heavier recyclable items like glass bottles. You are able to save space, keep trash out of sight, and have your receptacles on hand for convenient use.

If you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen, you can install a lazy Susan type of rotating platform (or use an existing one). Place four smaller bins that clip together on the rotating platform and you have a great system to catch all of your recyclables and instantly sort them. If you use a set of containers that clips together, they will stay put and be stable when you spin the lazy Susan.

In the end, these tips will let you keep your waste receptacles out of sight without having to trudge outside or to the garage just to throw away your recyclables.

Fitting Your Recycling Containers Into Your Home's Decor

If you're really short on cabinet space, another solution is to hide your bins in plain sight by using bins that complement your home's layout. For instance, polished metal containers often go well with modern kitchens and stainless steel appliances. Today's designs also include sharp lines and bold colors that fit in with contemporary design styles. With a little shopping around, you can find containers that you can visually integrate into your home.

With these tips and tricks, there are no more excuses left as to why you can't recycle!

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