Paintball Gains Popularity

Published: 24th February 2011
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The sport of paintball continues to see an increase in popularity. In the sport, players compete in teams or individually to illuminate their opponents by shooting a colored capsule. These capsules are made from mineral oils and are non-toxic and biodegradable.

Typically players are equipped with similar items. In an organized setting, players are required to wear protective masks. These paintball masks are required to be worn at all times in the field. Although the paintballs, be sure to visit are made from biodegradable oils, the balls are somewhat hard and can cause injury to the eyes or face. A regulation mask must completely cover the eyes, nose and mouth. The paintball gun, which is also known as a paintball marker, is the main equipment. Each marker may have an attached hopper in which the ammunition is fed. The marker uses a blast of compressed air to propel the projectile, which means an air bottle is also attached. Other paintball accessories include specialized clothing and pads.

Enthusiasts play the sport in a variety of places. In some cases the game is played on private property where individual players track each other. But most commonly, the game is played in an organized course. These are either indoors or outdoors. In these settings, a variety of different paintball games can be incorporated.

The rules must be specified before each game begins. Under the most basic scenario, one team of players will try to accomplish a mission without being hit by paintballs fired from the other team. If a player is hit by a paintball, the player is removed from the game in most cases. In some cases, teams may exchange players that have been shot to extend the game. The game strategy can also include capturing prisoners of the other team. The game usually ends when one team surrenders, all of its players have been captured or eliminated, or the opposing team has reached its objective such as capturing a flag.

In organized games, a referee is chosen to enforce the rules. However, because the nature of the game, players operate under an honor system. These rules often include limits on the number of shots taken at a particular player, where on an opposing player's body those shots can land, and the minimum distance between a player firing upon another. Players who are hit by a paintball are expected not to wipe the paint away in an attempt to stay in the game.

In many areas, the sports popularity has created leagues. Multiple teams compete in a round robin competition. Eventually, the top two teams will compete in a final paintball battle. Teams sometimes also earn points by competing in side competitions such as marksmanship.

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