Stimulate Tired Legs with Compression Stockings

Published: 16th August 2011
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Tired, achy legs often affect people who stand all day, and result in the development of varicose veins, or a sensation of heaviness in the calf muscles. There are remedies to help stimulate the legs, such as compression stockings. In addition to swelling in the ankles called lymphedema, or the itchy ulcers one may acquire on the lower legs called phlebitis, wearing support socks or compression stockings keeps the legs healthier because they assist with proper blood flow. In those career positions where an individual should consider wearing supportive hosiery, most involve being on one's feet for most if not all of the day, such as with all types of nursing, flight attendants, wait staff, factory workers, and professional cooks who also stand a great deal of the time when on the job.

In those occupations where people wear compression stockings, not only is there immediate therapeutic relief for tired legs, but due to the variety of styles and colors currently, nobody realizes that the individual is wearing supportive hosiery. When it comes to choosing a personal style, for example, some wearers may prefer knee highs. Others feel better when the stockings resemble a pair of pantyhose. The materials used in manufacturing medically sound support hosiery combine a range of nylon and synthetic elastic, and are made to wear all day, every day without discomfort. In addition to the variety of styles, the colors are also very attractive and come in black, beige, tan, white and even navy blue. Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible to enjoy wearing compression hosiery no matter what type of job an individual does for a living, simply because the stockings make the legs feel refreshed.

Other activities or occupations where people often wear compression stockings, interestingly enough, are marathon runners and joggers. Both male and female individuals who walk frequently wear them, as well as for sports games where running and sprinting occur. The support of the socks against the legs relieves sore muscles and improves stamina during the long duration involved in workouts and practice activities. Traffic police, construction workers and anyone who wants a firm support on the legs will benefit by purchasing full-length, thigh-high or knee-high stockings, depending on their needs and preferences. In addition, the physically challenged do very well when wearing the knee high style, because they work to prevent blood clots from forming, especially after sitting for a long time in one position. For individuals recovering from surgery, medical strength support socks keep phlebitis and lymphedema at bay.

Although in the past, doctors recommended the hosiery for patients undergoing surgery on the legs, they were usually quite uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time. Currently, due to better materials and technology, some individuals note that they completely forget that they are wearing the hosiery at all. The technology to manufacture lighter versions, styles and colors has made it possible for anyone to now enjoy therapeutic benefits, no matter whether they are in occupations where compression socks reduce health problem, or just prefer how compression legwear makes their legs look and feel.

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