Winning Care Package Ideas: Shipping to Overseas Students

Published: 08th June 2011
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Everyone loves a package from home, especially if they are far from home. More and more young people are studying abroad, vacationing abroad, visiting abroad in Europe. And more and more parents are trying to decide on just the right packages to ship to their far-away travelers. If these travelers are also students, special care should be taken in choosing just the right items to send. It is simpler than it sounds. Shipping to Europe is easier and more convenient than ever before.

It seems like the first items to be considered are food-related. Favorite foods that students can't purchase where they are will bring a warm feeling of home quicker than anything else. Choose snacks that are easy to pack, are in tightly-sealed containers, and will keep well on a long journey to their recipient. Trail mix, dried fruit, single-sized servings of pretzels or chips and hard candy are all good choices. Send brownies or other bar cookies, rather than regular cookies which always seem to arrive as crumbs. Popcorn is another fun item to send. Popped popcorn is light and ships well, or microwave popcorn might be even better. There are so many varieties to choose from. Jerky also packs well and keeps well when wrapped in the original packaging.

Other good items to include might be toiletries such as toothpaste, body wash, hand lotion, shampoo. Fingernail clippers, comb and brush set, and a safety razor would also be appreciated. Be sure to send things that are appropriate to be shipped, especially when shipping to Europe. A make-up kit, with eye shadow, mascara, foundation, blush, and lip gloss would be most welcomed by a daughter. After-shave, cologne, and hair gel would be appreciated by a son. Anything that is liquid should be sealed in double plastic bags and padded very carefully so that they do not lead or break.

If there is a special holiday or a birthday, items could be included to help celebrate that day. Party hats, confetti, a cake mix, balloons and noisemakers are all festive. And who wouldn't love ornaments and lights to decorate with during the holiday season? Another fun treat to include would be individual packages of hot chocolate mixes for chilly days or iced tea mix for warm weather.

Other items that would be very welcomed and fun to receive would be CDs of favorite music and favorite books, DVDs of favorite movies, especially movies of friends and family back home. Make sure the devices they have are compatible with the discs. Picture albums with pictures of family and friends are fun, or send some empty albums for the student to fill with photographs and memorabilia as it happens.

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